1241 Broadview Ave

1241 Broadview Ave. Grandview Heights

1249 Glenn Ave

1249 Glenn Ave. Gladdington Heights

1333 Glenn Ave

1333 Glenn Ave. Gladdington Heights

1520 Arlington Ave

1520 Arlington Ave Marble Cliff

1911 "Home of Character"

1435 Cambridge Blvd. Cambridge Place

1917 Arts & Crafts

1144 Grandview Ave. Northwest Blvd

2014 Shingle Style

1150 Fairview Ave. Fairview Manor

American Farmhouse (2015 to Present)

1845 Bluff Ave. Columbus

American Foursquare (1900 - 1925)

1183 Wyandotte Rd. Grandview Heights

Anderson Field/Bobcat Stadium

1587 W 3rd Ave. Grandview Heights

Anna Dodge Dillman

1550 Roxbury Rd. Columbus

Arlington (Aladdin) Country Club

Corner of Arlington Ave. & Aladdin Woods Ct. Marble Cliff

Artful Renovation

1242 Lincoln Rd. Gladdington Heights

Bank Block Shopping Center

Grandview Heights Franklin County OH

Big Bear Stores

770 Goodale Blvd. Grandview Heights

Blanche Field

1714 W 1st Ave. Columbus

Boulevard Presbyterian Church

1235 Northwest Blvd. Northwest Blvd

Bungalow (1905 - 1935)

1150 Glenn Ave. Gladdington Heights

Bungalow (1905 - 1935)

1153 Fairview Ave. Columbus

C. Ray Buck Sports Park

1280 Goodale Blvd. Grandview Heights

Cairn Muir

1122 Fairview Ave. Fairview Manor

Cambridge Boulevard Island

Cambridge Blvd. Marble Cliff

Cape Cod with Character

1894 Bluff Ave. Gladdington Heights

Casparis Castle

1425 Roxbury Rd. Marble Cliff

Cenci Brothers Market

1773 W 5th Ave. Gladdington Heights

Colonial Revival (1890 - 1945)

1560 Goodale Blvd. Grandview Heights ohio

Colonial Revival (1890 - 1945)

1160 Glenn Ave. Gladdington Heights

Columbus Italian Club (formerly Ciccone’s Market)

1739 W 3rd Ave Gladdington Heights

Craftsman (1900 - 1935)

1182 Wyandotte Rd. Grandview Heights

Crow Mural

1146 Broadview Ave. Columbus

Diane Hennacy Powell

1322 Glenn Ave. Gladdington Heights

Dutch Colonial (1900 - 1945)

1117 Broadview Ave. Columbus

Edna Stone

Stonegate Village Dr. Grandview Heights


990 Goodale Blvd Northwest Blvd

Executive Dutch Colonial

1248 Cambridge Blvd. Columbus

Falco Ranch

1335 Arlington Ave. Aladdin Club

First Community Church/Chapel

1320 Cambridge Blvd. Cambridge Place


1143 Grandview Ave. Columbus

Foursquare (1900 - 1925)

1143 Grandview Ave. Columbus

Freeman Residence

955 Urlin Ave. Grandview Heights

Goodale Boulevard

Goodale Boulevard

Grace Montenero Martina

1472 Glenn Ave. Gladdington Heights

Grandview Cafe

1455 W 3rd Ave Fifth by Northwest

Grandview Heights High School

1587 W 3rd Ave. Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights Memorial Park

1135 W 2nd Ave. Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights Municipal Pool

1350 Goodale Blvd. Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights Public Library

1685 W First Ave. Grandview Heights

Grandview Municipal Building

1016 Grandview Ave. Grandview Heights